Renting on Airbnb : will this work for you ?

Renting on Airbnb : will this work for you ?

Article de blogue de Pevago gestion immobilière, devriez vous louer sur Airbnb ou non

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If renting your apartment short term on a web platform like Airbnb seems to be a very profitable solution for you, it remains that this is not possible for everyone. There are numerous municipalities that have established rules limiting short-term rental on their territory. Additionally, to be an Airbnb host requires an almost daily management. Pevago evaluates whether Airbnb rental is a good solution for you.


Respect the regulations

Here in Quebec, as elsewhere in the world, Airbnb has quickly seduced owners who have, with the establishment of this operating system, discovered a new occasion to make money easily. Facing the growing expansion of this new type of rental on their territory, municipalities have had to update their regulations in order to particularly preserve the tranquillity of their inhabitants. Before taking the plunge in this venture, it is of the utmost importance that you abide by the legislation in place in your municipality regarding short-term rental. Each town having developed its own code, this requires asking the municipal service directly involved, followed by the necessary administrative procedures.


Insuring the management of your rental

You qualify and have obtained the authorization from your municipality ? So you then decide to advertise your rental on the Airbnb online site. You will have to write up an advertisement which will attract future renters as well as photos that will enhance your dwelling. Furthermore, Airbnb requires that you answer at least five basic criteria in order to maintain your rating and to be able to continue to rent on this platform :

  • Supply essential equipment such as toilet paper, soap, linens, bed sheets and towels… Let’s say just like a hotel would do.
  • Show responsiveness : maintain a high degree of reply by answering the information requests and reservations within 24 hours.
  • Accept reservation requests : show the tourists that they are welcome by accepting their booking request.
  • Avoid cancellations : cancellations are not trivial and it is recommended to refrain from calling off a traveller’s reservation so as not to compromise his travel plans.
  • Maintain a good global evaluation : travelers expect a constant level of quality, whatever their destination is.


For all these steps, Pevago is there to accompany you by making your steps easier and by looking after the daily management of your rental. This way, your mind can be at ease and you can attend to your daily activities (job, vacations, pastimes) while having rental revenue. To build a trusting relationship is an essential criteria for us. As each client is unique, it will be our pleasure to meet you to discuss your situation and help you to generate revenues. Contact us right now !




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